Meet The Team

Cathy Marques

I started working with NIS in 2002. I ran our sister company, Physician Reference Directory, for 10 years. I wore every hat in that position, which gave me a great understanding of the printing industry from idea to finished product. Prior to printing, I worked in the medical field for many years.


Sheryl and I have been friends for 25 years and have worked together for over 10 of them….without killing each other.


I would say that I’m outgoing, compassionate, giving and friendly. I have never met a stranger. I am insatiably curious about EVERYTHING and love an adventure….and a good laugh! I hate injustice and fight for the underdog.  I’m a huge animal lover, just a sucker really. This almost sounds like an obituary.


I am professional, respectful, love to help people and will go the extra mile to make it all happen for a customer. Willing to jump in wherever I am needed, partly because I get bored easily and love to stay busy. I’m a good listener and detail oriented. Most definitely self motivated!


I work in customer service and an all around floater. I handle the website and social media for NIS, among other things. I am also the resident baker at NIS, which many employees will argue is the most important position I hold. That alone guarantees me job security!


I am a passionate reader. My husband will tell you that he used to have a wife but now he has a Kindle! I also love to cook, bake and work out.

Something people don’t know about me:

I have an identical twin sister. Yes…we do look just alike, and having a twin is the bomb! In a prior life I trained and showed german shepherd dogs in obedience competitions.

My Top Portfolio Pick:


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