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Lucy Sterman

I was born Bulgaria. I graduated in Bulgaria with a Finance degree from the University of World and National Economy. I came to the United States on a student program and ended up meeting my wonderful husband here!

Personality: Focused, motivated, focused. They call me the detail-oriented “mind reader”. I have been known to catch people’s mistakes, and am up for any task.

Strengths: Besides being able to read minds, numbers are my forte. I bring to the table a sharpened pencil and the ability to keep the mind wanderers on task.

Position: My everyday life at NIS Print includes, but is not limited to, being the administrative assistant. I also spend my time in accounting, and overseeing internal programs.

Hobbies: Not gardening, I have a black thumb! I do love to travel though, and one day would love to go to Egypt. I also love to cook, as I cannot stand to have my husband in the kitchen! I say that with love.

Something people don’t know about me: I am quad lingual, speaking Bulgarian, Russian, English, and German.

Lucy Sterman

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