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5 Pieces of Presentation Design Advice to Make a Big Impact for Less

Bring your brand to life with our presentation design advice. From durability advice to shipping tips, we’re sharing practical information we’ve learned after decades serving major clients. This includes cost-saving considerations that help you improve your brand for less.

Portfolio Design Ideas for Materials You’ll be Proud to Put Your Name On

You won’t find these portfolio design ideas at other companies. Only our team at NIS PRINT shares insider binding and printing tips you need to make a big impact for less:


Use the finest binding for high-stakes projects, campaigns and board meetings where image is essential—Details like binding make a huge impact on your brand perception. The simplicity and convenience of 3-ring metals are best suited for internal operations.


Consider the materials and shipment weights when contemplating your design—particularly for bigger orders on large presentation pieces, your material choice can add significant weight and inflate your shipping costs.


Know your budget and your audience—this determines what material options are available and lets you know exactly which custom details will make the biggest impact on your target. Ignoring your audience or budget could give you items that miss their mark.


Determine the product application and whether it will be decorated—Will it be wiped down? How often will it be used? Will pages be permanent or added/deleted? Some materials are better suited for certain jobs and decorations. For example, restaurant menus need durable construction. With decorations, it’s important to note other special considerations. For example, leather is better suited for blind debossing as opposed to foil stamping.


Decide whether to go eco-friendly—That narrows down the material. If environmentally conscious business practices are part of your company, you have recycled material choices and other options that can reduce your environmental impact. Plus, our in-house team can help you use the most efficient manufacturing process to cut waste and truly deliver on your promise to consumers who choose you for your green practices.

Reinforce Your Brand with Our Presentation Design Ideas and Design Tips

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