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Aubrey Alves


I have worked at NIS Print all of my life, literally…Sheryl and Curt Batchelder are my wonderful parents. I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I became a Mrs. on December 29, 2012. I graduated UCF with a degree in Health Services Administration, but my desire has been in helping NIS Print grow and I do not see myself anywhere else, this is my home!

I think my most notable accomplishment is being instrumental in the rebranding of National Indexing Systems into NIS Print. 

First and foremost I love nothing more than a good laugh! I am very driven, but having a good time must be a part of the drive. I would consider myself outgoing and talkative, maybe sometimes a little too talkative. I am compassionate.


I am a complete neat freak, borderline OCD! I used to take this as a pitfall, because my need for being organized got in the way of getting things done. I have since learned to use this as an advantage and make it one of my leading strengths. I bring to the table a forward-thinking, the sky is the limit, attitude. 


I am the office manager. I started out here at 16 working in the plant, so I have experience both in production and now administration. 

I am quite the foodie and love trying new restaurants. I absolutely love the outdoors, so anything outside, I am happy doing!

Something people don’t know about me:
 I am huge lover of animals; growing up I had a horse. I also had a guinea pig, mice, umbrella cockatoo, tortoise, and chickens (all within city limits!). I even brought home a baby pig once. I give my parents serious credit for putting up with my animal obsession.

Aubrey Alves

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