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Sheryl Batchelder


A native of Florida, Sheryl has lived in Central Florida for the past 30 years. A graduate of the University of Florida, Sheryl received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and minors in Economics and Accounting.

Upon graduation, she moved to Houston, Texas, where she worked as a Special Projects Coordinator for Steelcase, a leading manufacturer of office furniture.  She and her husband Curt, co-founded NIS PRINT, formerly National Indexing Systems, in their one car garage.  That lasted until they were kicked out by zoning after a semi delivering paper pulled up in the driveway… too many times.

Sheryl is past president of NAWBO and an Athena Powerlink recipient. She is proud to be a board member of the Beacon Network, an organization Celebrating Workplace Diversity.  She is a professional member of the American Advertising Federation, and Visit Orlando.

She resides in the Conway area with her husband Curt and is the proud parent of daughter Aubrey Alves and son Austin.

Sheryl is the yin to Curt’s yang.  She’s our process oriented, extroverted, go getting, focused (except when she gets off task), see the big picture girl with creative flair.

As NIS Print’s CEO, Sheryl is responsible for developing new product lines as well as overseeing the sales, marketing and accounting operations at NIS Print.  Warning…do not let her near any office equipment!


Sheryl loves art, gardening, cooking and reading and starts each day with yoga and meditation.

Something people don’t know about me:
Studied Art History in Florence Italy

Sheryl Batchelder

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